Work community and managers benefit from coaching when it comes to achieving their goals. In order to improve teamwork and self-direction among the employees, an external rooter is an essential element. They help in finding a position for each employee and in harnessing the strengths of the key people into a common dynamic.


Freia’s coaching philosophy sees management as a part of a whole, where the organization’s renewal, efficiency and staff well-being are in balance.

  • NEED

    Defining the need for coaching together with the customer.


    Revealing strengths and placing people in their correct positions. Starting price: €295 + VAT.


    Personal feedback and developing management. Starting price: €185 + VAT.


    Developing management together, implementing in practice. Starting price: €1750 + VAT.


    Working in steering groups, measuring, and observing effectiveness together with the corporate management. Starting price: €750 + ALV.

”They are reliable, goal-oriented and experts in their field”

Freia is here to help when

  • You want develop your team and organization.

  • You want to improve the homogenity of leadership and management.

  • You want to harness the potential of your key people into a growing strength.

  • You want to support managerial development with coachings and evaluations.

  • You want to strengthen resiliency and ability to make solutions and implementations.

  • You want to renew your operational culture.