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Antti 06

Antti Äikäs

CEO, Effectiveness Expert

PhD Candidate (Sport and Health Sciences)

Antti is an interdisciplinary developer of working life. He’s an expert in planning and managing programs that improve work ability and health, and in evaluating their effectiveness. During his career, Antti has been improving the well-being of a large Finnish forest organization with great results, and has helped company managers of various branches in connecting personnel development to their company strategy and figures. Antti has a unique ability to proactively recognize alarm signals in both individual and company level. He gets enthusiastic when he gets to actuate on effectiveness.

Interests: renovating, ball games, cooking, junior coaching

Motto: ”Keep work community and cash flow in motion.”

Jouni 03

Jouni Ukkonen

Customer Relationship Manager

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
Degree of Officer

Jouni has qualified in various managerial duties in the insurance field, and therefore knows corporate insurance and risk management throughout. He knows how a single accident can cost a fortune for a company, and how savings can be extensive at best. What drives Jouni onwards are customers’ goal-directed needs that rise from the company’s strategy.

Interests: versatile exercise, physiology

Motto: “One early retirement is one too many.”

Pirkko 01

Pirkko Valtola

Advisor, Occupational health care expert

Licentiate of Medicine

Pirkko is a multi-talent in occupational health care, both as a customer, service provider and quality supervisor roles. Successful cooperation in occupational health care starts from the organization's needs, of which a suitable entity is formed for the customer. Supervisors and employees' work ability are supported, and work ability risks are proactively identified. Pirkko has been the CEO of South-Savo occupational health care unit and actively participated in the preparations of the welfare area. Pirkko knows how to build a strategic partnership.

Hobbies: Exercise and taking care of common things and social influence.

Motto: Work creates well-being.

Pekka 05

Pekka Hämäläinen

Guarantor of Result-making

Professional Trainer
Working life Coach

Pekka’s strengths are in advancing organizational resiliency, executing goal-oriented leadership and team coaching and improving personnel performance. His training and coaching career entails experiences in successful working life development projects as well as achievements in sports in World Championship Games and in the Olympics. He also has Farax, Profiles and Genos certificates. Pekka knows how to put together a winning team, and how to utilize the strengths of each player in achieving a common goal.

Motto: “Join together the quality of living, the joy of being, and effective working.”


Hanna Partanen

Master of Health Sciences (Nutrition), Authorized Nutritionist

During her 15-year career, Hanna has been widely involved in various projects from product development to nutrition books. Her passion lies in lecturing and training, and she has fulfilled these passions in over 700 events. Hanna has also had her nutritional therapy reception office throughout her career. Conversations with her customers have given her new perspective on lecturing and training. Hanna is an absorbing performer with a laid-back sense of humor. She knows how to explain even the most challenging scientific facts for everyone to understand.

Interests: orientation, golf, singing

Motto: “It’s all about the big picture!”

Virpi 04

Virpi Ojakangas

Business Coach, Talent Savior

Master of Science (Sport and Health Sciences)
ICF (International Coaching Federation) Credential-holder

Virpi has solid experience in personnel and communications management in international corporations. She is at her best in inspiring people to make epiphanies, cheering them to learn, and giving them effective feedback. In Virpi’s hands the team lights up, and a completely new culture of trust and daring is born.

Her training philosophy relies on three foundation stones: personal responsibility, necessity of practice, and the strength of effective feedback.

Interests: road cycling, equestrian archery, audiobooks

Motto: “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” Albus Dumbledore

Jukka 05

Jukka Huovinen

Development Manager, Well-being Scaler

Master of Military Sciences
Master of Science (Sport and Health Sciences)

Jukka is an interdisciplinary multiplayer in the world of development. He’s been part of several technology and well-being companies in bringing new service innovations into the world. Jukka has also been a CEO of an international technology company, and a researcher in physical education and medicine. He has evolved his customer companies’ process management, and built effective and cost-efficient scalable training services for companies of different sizes.

Interests: road cycling, sports training, interior design, green exercise, photography
Motto: “Your thoughts define the way you feel.”

Emilia 01

Emilia Kujala

Emotional Leadership Professional

Psychotherapist, Social Psychologist, Master of Social Science

Emilia is an expert in mental resources, and she’s a new generation psychotherapist. She masters in behavior change psychology and interventions, as well as in emotions and emotional skills, of which two popular non-fiction books have been published. Emilia’s strength as a trainer is the ability to verbalize mental phenomena in an understandable and humane way. In addition to writing books, Emilia is active in scientific communication in social media. She has received a lot of positive feedback on her way of working, especially on how it speaks also to millennials.

Interests: dancing, dogs, good coffee
Motto: “Bring emotions to work.”


Kaisa Koivunoro

Administration’s Work Supervisor, change management (Lean, Kata, OKR)

Kaisa is a diverse coach for people and for business. She has developed personnel, processes and leadership in large IT companies and in organizations of the health and social care reform. Kaisa is also a very experienced work supervisor of executive boards, managers, and teams.

The best results have been gained in change processes where both the personnel productivity as well as their well-being has improved thanks to the properly timed follow-up of the key results, and the changes made in ways of working.

Kaisa approaches change management with methods that clear and strengthen thinking, and which combine process and goal management. That is why she has been called the courageous and solution-oriented ambassador of hope.

Interests: Yin Yoga, the ocean, the forest

Motto. “When venturing out to new seas, bring an experienced pilot.”


Niina Mäkelä

Work Ability Management Expert

Niina has build business oriented HR processes over two decades, both in occupational health care units as well as in energy and industry organizations. She has the crucial experience how to lead wellness successfully among employees and how to decrease the level of sick leaves.

Furthermore, her special know-how is focused on intensifying co-operation with health care units and coaching work ability management tools for middle managers. Niina is capable to find work ability management solutions both in the strategic and grassroots levels.

Interests: Relaxing yoga, cold water swimming and sauna

Motto: ``Co-operation is a winning operation.``

Päivi 02

Päivi Frantsi

Licentiate of Arts (Psychology), Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Myth Shatterer

Päivi is an experienced and enthusiastic trainer for people and work communities, and she relates to the challenges of humane life with curiosity. She knows how to use her professional expertise in supporting communities and individuals to succeed and reach their goals. Päivi has trained superiors of large masses in finding new kinds of dimensions and levels of doing in their work. Supporting comprehensive well-being is meaningful to Päivi, and it inspires her time after time.

Interests: music, choral singing, diverse exercise, nature
Motto: “We are all worth a story.”

Tapani 03

Tapani Frantsi

Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Leadership Cultivator

Tapani, or better known as Tapsa, is a fearless reformer of working life, and an experienced trainer of managers. He has trained people from top coaches to line managers and managers of listed companies. Tapsa has studied self-awareness in 360-degree appraisals, and defended on leadership. His specialty is in constructively untying the knots in conflicts, and in controlling demanding management situations. Tapani’s passion lies in developing leadership, and in enhancing sustainable working life.

Interests: brainstorming, green exercise, swimming

Motto: “Leadership is a contact sport.”

Nico 03

Nico Saukkonen

Project Manager, Developer of Well-being at Work

Nico is an interdisciplinary multi-talent in health and well-being. From the box seat, he has witnessed the challenges and possibilities of personnel well-being that companies face every day. Nico’s specialty is in solving the obstacles that get in the way of people’s health and productivity. This usually makes him a welcomed partner from both the company management’s and the personnel’s side. Nico is a steady systematic thinker, who shuns random jiggling, and always favors smart resource targeting tied to a company’s overall strategy.

Interests: trail running, reading, camping
Motto: “When people feel good, things are good.”

Maija 05

Maija Mäkipää

Balance Restorer

Bachelor of Sports Studies, Personal Trainer, Practical Nurse

Maija is an experienced individual trainer and an empathic ambassador of well-being at work. She is at her best in helping each individual to find balance in their working life, which is unique to everyone in its consistency and meanings. Maija has a deep understanding of the challenges of living and being, which makes her an excellent companion for anyone’s side. When a person is running out of resources, Maija manages to strengthen the person’s belief in work-life balance.

Interests: renovation, padel, sudokus
Motto: ”Little a day makes a lot in a year.”

Eva 01

Eva Valtanen

Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Change Enabler

Eva gets excited about investigating changes in operational environment, and the effects it has on work, working, and cooperative doing. In addition to working on an individual level, Eva’s training sessions concentrate on the phenomena caused by the system and the operating culture – with all their challenges and hilarities. This enables people to understand the outline of new thoughts and relationships, which again creates new, innovative thinking instead of just staying put and protesting.

Motto: “The fierce learners are the ones who make it in the modern working life.”

Niina 01

Niina Töyrylä

Financial administration

Niina is a practical expert in the financial field. She has the ability to view things technically, and she values reliability and renewal. She is positive, solution-oriented, and wants to develop and improve ways of working here and now. Her career goes back 15 years. During that time, she has worked as a controller, an executive manager, a financial manager, and an executive assistant in companies of different sizes.

Interests: photography, travelling, baking
Motto: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”