Our story


Working life is changing. Self-direction and remote work bring new views, and on the other hand, so does the fact that more and more is expected and required from companies and their values.


Freia was born to bring power for change. We are not a start-up company, we’ve been in the field for 20 years as an expert of observing the needs of working life. We originate from 4event, a Finnish company that has improved Finnish workplace vitality through thousands of events around Finland.


As an improver of working life, Freia knows the ground rules and the parties involved, and understands the significance of sustainability. We do not offer temporal solutions. Our mission is to make working life permanently better. The solutions that are most long-lasting may not seem the easiest or most convenient, but they are needed to gain long-lasting effectiveness.


The new Freia combines 10 years of research with careful listening of the customer’s needs. This results in a unique and effective service concept that helps both the company management and the personnel to reach their goals – without sacrificing well-being at work.


We strongly believe that in the future the feeling of accomplishment and the significance of work become even more important. Only a person whose personality, values and interests resonate with their work are able to reach their peak. Healthy people succeed in what they do. And when that happens, the company succeeds too.