Successful staff development always requires company-specific solutions. If you are not 100% sure what would help your organization in the current situation or what prevents to achieve your strategic goals, then you should clarify understanding of the situation before embarking on large-scale interventions.

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  • An audit helps the company’s management to gain a deeper understanding of the organization’s situation through an objective expert assessment and to find suitable solutions to solve the challenges.
  • It is the wisdom of the leader to find the right solution for the situation. Studies show that the same implementation model cannot be transferred directly from one company or unit to another.
  • Audit collects information on matters desired by corporate management to support decision-making in quickly and in a targeted manner.
  • The audit can be targeted at e.g. the following themes:
    • change management and staff change agility,
    • performance management and work productivity,
    • management culture,
    • interaction and functioning of the work community,
    • atmosphere and employer image,
    • work ability management and prevention of work ability risks.
  • Together with the customer, 2-3 experts from Freia’s multi-professional team will be selected to implement the service.
  • The information provided by the service complements the findings of the personnel survey or the occupational health care workplace survey more deeply, accurately and in more detail. Why something is being experienced or what would be the right solution for the situation?
  • During the audit visit management, supervisors and staff representatives are interview with a pre-agreed schedule and content.
  • The customer can influence the day’s schedules and provide the necessary advance materials if desired. Freia Ltd is responsible for the service’s interview frameworks, data collection and reporting to corporate management.
  • The report will be presented to corporate management within 4-7 days of the audit.
  • The Audit service has been utilized by e.g. UPM Kymmene, Uponor, Tampere Adult Education Center TAKK, Pihlajalinna Oyj and Suur-Savon Sähkö
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